I can help you book a premium service appointment by scanning UKVI's website for their availability. As soon as an appointment matching your search criteria becomes available an automated notification is sent to you. You can be certain if an appointment matching your criteria is available that you will know about it in the shortest time.

Email and text (SMS) notifications are available. Email notifications are included by default and multiple addresses can be specified without extra charge. SMS notifications are charged extra per mobile number.

If you have instant email alerts on your phone and good internet coverage you can go with email notifications. The notifications include details like place and time.

Most appointments are released 45 days upfront, but earlier dates occasionally become available (within the next few weeks). Appointments 45 days upfront stay available for approx. an hour. Earlier appointments stay available for 10 seconds to 3 minutes.

This also depends on what you are applying for, where you apply and how many of you.

Here are some stats from 2012 before your think about which premium service center you want to monitor: The number of Appointments released each day at each PEO is

  1. Glasgow 35
  2. Liverpool 58
  3. Sheffield 30
  4. Cardiff 26
  5. Belfast 12
  6. Solihull (Birmingham) 40 and
  7. Croydon 220.

Please have a look at historical data to gain detailed insight.

I do not require any personal information nor access to accounts for the program to work, all you have to do is to answer the following questions.

  1. What are you applying for?

    I am not an immigration adviser and do know what all the different forms are for. Please provide the code of the application type from the first step in your online application, for example SET(LR).

  2. How many applicants?
  3. Which premium service centers are you interested in? You can change the monitored centers afterwards.
  4. Specify the earliest and latest acceptable date, both inclusive?
  5. (optional) Do you already have an appointment?

If you are looking for an appointment in 42 days I will help you for free.

Why would anybody pay for an earlier appoitment?

Getting my paperwork done weeks earlier enabled me to start working in the shortest possible time. It saved me a lot of money and agony as I wasn't sure how long the position will stay available. I helped a student go almost a month earlier back to India. Others face the possibility of deportation if they do not get the paperwork done in time.

I do not intend to make a fortune exploiting the difficult situation of others, but also do not intend to volounteer sacrificing my free and family time.
I started and continue doing this to help people since I myself was in a difficult situation.

The price is on the last step of the application form.

Most people secure an appointment after a few days, but I cannot promise success.

You have great chances if you are interested in a two week time span, which is two weeks ahead, and you consider Croydon as a possible center, since most appointments are in Croydon.

Please have a look at historical data to get a feeling of your chances.

You can answer the above mentioned questions Here. The program is running on my personal computer. I will download them in the shortest time and update regularly.

You can also contact me directly at I should come back to you within a day.

It's electricity and magic.